Episode 27

Published on:

15th Jul 2020

#27: Meet the Legacy Speakers


In this episode I discuss the upcoming Legacy conference with this years speakers, and what it means to build a legacy through your business.

Michelle Raymond - HR Consultant and Visibility Strategist* Helping businesses grow exponentially by transforming the skills of their people and raising their visibility through consultation, coaching & training.

Paul Bulkeley - Founder and creative director at Snug Architects

Tobi Olujinmi - Founder, W TALK Network. 360 Indie Production and Platform for Inspirational Storytelling.

3 Nuggets of wisdom

  • Building a legacy through business takes time, there is a real patience required
  • When you’re building a legacy-driven business your starting point is completely different
  • Building legacy requires us to give and leave our egos at the door 

About The Legacy Conference

The only conference that equips you to launch. An intimate, high-end event for legacy builders.


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