Episode 38

Published on:

14th Oct 2020

#38: How to build sustainability into your business with Zoi Kantounatou


How you build and launch a business that is sustainable is very different to how you build a launch a business that is geared towards short-term profits. In this episode Katrina and Zoi Kantounatou discuss these differences and how to build a sustainable business from the ground up.

Zoi Kantounatou is the Co-Founder and CFO of FutureX, where they empower the purposeful. FutureX creates and curates content for business leaders building a more sustainable, socially-conscious global economy.

3 nuggets of wisdom

  • The intersection between purpose and profit is about putting money where it should be. Both are important and it’s a constant balancing act
  •  Build slow and adapt quickly
  • We need examples of people that have built businesses for good that are extremely profitable

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How to connect with Zoi Kantounatou, Co-Founder of FutureX  

Website futurexinnovation.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zoi-kantounatou

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